Zombie Boy 2: Level Up by Val O. Morris

Zombie Boy 2: Level Up

Adventures of Zombie Boy Series – Book 2

Published: Sept 2016
English – Print, eBook

Trapped in a video game overrun with zombies, Katie’s life is in jeopardy.

Liam Walker, a now leveled-up zombie hunter, suspects that HoriZon Corp, the virtual reality game developer, is somehow behind it all. Liam must use the experience he gained from the first adventure and return to the video game world that took his best friend. With new foes threatening their plan at every turn, Liam and friends battle mini-bosses, giants, and hordes of zombies across many familiar video game settings in search of Katie.

Can he and his friends escape the zombie apocalypse and get out of the game world alive… once again?

Twice the action, double the adventure!

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