31 Nights of Terror: A Movie Marathon Halloween Celebration

Happy Halloween - valomorris.com 2014Welcome to October – aka Halloween month!

Since Halloween is both my favorite holiday and Viki’s (from “Monster Girl“), I thought we’d have some fun. To celebrate the holiday, I love to watch 31 horror/Halloween movies during the month of October. I watch horror movies year round, but I really ramp it up during this month. This year I thought I would offer my own Halloween viewing schedule for your enjoyment. You’ve probably seen your friends doing those “31 movies in 31 nights” challenges, and this is basically my list of some of the best movies to watch during Halloween. You can also follow me on Instagram @valmakesmovies to see daily posts of what I watched!

We start out with something light in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” to really set the tone for the season ahead. Think you can hang with all 31? Remember: When you call it a night, be sure to check under the bed and in the closet, for you never know what might be waiting in the shadows. Muahahahahaha!

[Note: Not all of these are kid-friendly, so please be advised.]

1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
2. Creature from the Black Lagoon
3. Puppet Master
4. Dracula
5. Child’s Play
6. Frankenstein
7. Gremlins
8. Young Frankenstein
9. Ginger Snaps
10. The Thing
11. Children of the Corn
12. A Nightmare on Elm Street
13. Poltergeist
14. Jaws
15. Insidious
16. Pet Semetery
17. Pumpkinhead
18. Sleepy Hallow

- 13 Nights Countdown -

This is where the fun really begins! I’ve selected some excellent movies with either the Halloween-theme or a monster-theme for the last 13 days of the season.

19. The Monster Squad
20. ParaNorman
21. Donnie Darko
22. Hocus Pocus
23. Silver Bullet
24. E.T.
25. Satan’s Little Helper
26. Night of the Demons
27. Idle Hands
28. The Nightmare Before Christmas
29. The Crow
30. Trick ‘r Treat
31. Halloween

I’ll check back with you on Halloween to see if the ghosts and goblins got you or if you survived the 31 nights of terror. Share your experience below and if you watched something other than what’s on this list, do tell!

Val O. Morris likes to pretend the monsters aren’t real. She is a filmmaker turned author who writes Urban Fantasy, Horror, and YA. A Monster Kid since birth, she loves all things ghosts, goblins, slashers, demons, monsters, zombies, madmen, werewolves, vampires, and freaky little kids who live in the corn. She invites you to come for the monsters and stay for the story.