“Monster Girl” NOW Available!

Monster Girl

“Monster Girl” is now available at Amazon!

A young girl, obsessed with monsters and the supernatural, befriends the ghost of her grandfather and, with his help, learns valuable lessons while dealing with a bossy older sister, parents who ignore her, and a school bully.

When Viki and her family move to a new house in Draxon Hollow, she makes both a new friend and enemy. While unpacking, she discovers the unexpected … the ghost of her grandfather, whom she had never met.

During a Halloween celebration, Viki is humiliated in front of her classmates. With the guidance of her ghostly grandfather, she devises a plan to teach the bully a lesson.

What she does next may be surprising … for a Monster Girl.

Val O. Morris likes to pretend the monsters aren’t real. She is a filmmaker turned author who writes Urban Fantasy, Horror, and YA. A Monster Kid since birth, she loves all things ghosts, goblins, slashers, demons, monsters, zombies, madmen, werewolves, vampires, and freaky little kids who live in the corn. She invites you to come for the monsters and stay for the story.